Love is complicated. Ups, downs, joys and sorrows, words said and unsaid. Music helps. Music speaks to you, speaks for you, helps you relate. You will find exactly that in two soothing new releases from Spider recording artist Rukiye. In “Keep Me Forever” and “Send a Sign,” Rukiye once again delivers plaintive lyrics written by frequent poetic collaborator Giorgos Hondralis with her trademark heartfelt tones. “Send a Sign” is a plea to help a lover who is isolating themselves, while “Keep Me Forever” is a different kind of plea, to help a lover realize a good thing when they have it. Giorgos Giannikopoulos’ music swells, lifts, recedes, and carries the moods of both of these songs perfectly, like waves breaking on a beach, taking the listener on a journey to their own memories. Listen. Relate. Exclusive new music that will speak to you from Rukiye, and only at Spider Music. Just when you think you’ve heard it all.


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