‘Good-Looking Human On The Side Of The Road’ by Dobbeltgjenger Captures You W/ a Hypnotic Beat

There’s “no need to sugarcoat reality.” So say the talented team of artists that comprise Norwegian alternative pop rock band Dobbeltgjenger in their latest release from Spider Music, “Good Looking Human on the Side of the Road.”

In countless reviews, this band has been called “fresh,” “new,” and “unique,” but let there be no mistaking the fact that Dobbeltgjenger is a rock band, but a rock band with their own European sound that has global appeal — the reason why Spider is excited to work with them.

This mesmerizing single from their newest album captures you immediately with a hypnotic beat that quickly underpins blended waves of synthesizer, guitar, bass, and drums making you listen closely to another poetic lyric for which Dobbeltgjenger is known: if there is a way to deliver messages of discontent and indifference in a manner that is both playful and serious in the same song, these guys will do it.

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