Rukiye – Harmony

Rukiye’s newest work, entitled “Harmony”, was released a few days ago, exclusively by the Spider Music. Now, if you never had heard of Rukiye before you will find out that she is a stunning singer, one that can deliver a lyric with a soft, soothing voice or hit you with passion and defiant emotion. The “Harmony” is truly a great album.

Most of the lyrics in the album are written by Giorgos Hondralis, showcasing his immense lyrical talent along with his poetic yet not tiresomely poetically abstract view on life. Rukiye’s stunning voice combined with his lyrical talent, produce an astonishing result. Her vocal performance elevates each song, charging emotionally the ballads and making the upbeat songs so vibrantly sounding that you can’t possibly feel anything else but a sense of euphoria while listening to the album.

As for the music, which is composed by a team of absolutely creative and gifted musicians at the Orange Studios, there are not much to say except that it was, almost, flawless. A mix of the upbeat 80’s disco, with funky influences, house-beats, 80’s AOR rock and a lot of synths for texture, all structured beautifully upon a pop basis create the musical outline of the “Harmony”.

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